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Hudson Vineyard Church

300 75th St. • North Bergen, NJ 07047   


Our church wouldn’t be described as “traditional” or “formal” in any way.  We desire to create an atmosphere where people are welcomed and can be relaxed as they seek to know God in a deeper way.  We serve coffee and invite people to “come as they are” as they stay open to what God has for them.  I trust your experience here will be encouraging and life giving.  Our service lasts about an hour and a half, but sometimes it lasts longer.  If anyone is pressed for time, they can leave without feeling guilty.


One of our primary values is enjoying the presence of God.  God is a living being Who we can get to know and who wants to have a relationship with us.  The Bible says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”  One of the ways that we “taste and see” is through our time of worship.  The worship team begins our service with a contemporary style for 30 minutes or more. Our songs are sung directly to God and are more like prayers that we sing together. People are free to stand and lift their hands, or sit in the presence of the Lord.  The Lord is not interested in this as a “religious ritual,” He is interested in touching our hearts.  People often say that this worship experience helps facilitate a sense of being more connected to God.


We love that God has spoken so beautifully through His Word, the Bible.  We believe it is His love letter to the world.  Pastor Paul and others want to minister His Word in a way that would provide practical direction for the lives that we live.  God’s Word is full of wisdom, hope, encouragement and insight that flows from heaven itself.  The message usually lasts about 30 minutes.


Life is hard, and most of us usually come to church facing some real challenges in life.  We never want anyone to leave our service that needs someone to come alongside and pray for them.  We have trained prayer ministers who are ready and available to pray for any need at the conclusion of our service.