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When I was at Regional in July (2018) we learned that a woman in our congregation had

been diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. Just as we were leaving we heard that it may have

spread to her lungs and lymph-nodes. We began to pray on the way home.

David Kim (Pastor of Silver Springs Vineyard in Nyack, NY) and I switched pulpits that

Sunday after the conference and he led folks in praying for Cecilia. Folks from our church

gathered in her small apartment that following week, and those prayer gatherings

continued to happen over these many weeks and now five months later.

The first good report was that the cancer had not spread beyond the Uterus, and that the

best case scenario medically was to contain it through Chemo and then have it removed


We gathered this past Wednesday (Early Dec. 2018) before Cecilia was to

receive the latest results from her Cat-scan taken the previous Monday. One friend

prayed, “Lord, we ask that the scan would show no evidence of Cancer.” After we stopped

praying I was really struck by that request and said, “Imagine if the scan showed no


The results came back Thursday. The cancerous mass is gone. The Dr. was blown

away and encouraged her and her friends to keep on praying. They plan on doing a

surgical procedure to make sure it is 100% gone. We are 100% convinced that this was a

Divine Healing administered by our Lord.

We are overjoyed for our friend and I just wanted to encourage you in your efforts.

Don’t ​stop PRAYING!


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