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Hudson Vineyard Church

300 75th St. • North Bergen, NJ 07047   


We have always desired to have places where people can gather to pray without the “formal structure” of a Sunday Worship Service.  We come with open hearts and without an agenda to simply seek the heart and face of Jesus.  As we do this we join the Lord and pray for the things that He is concerned about.

Often we have received “prayer requests” from individuals that have asked us to pray for them.  We consider this a sacred responsibility to stand with them.  Other times someone my come with something on their heart that they ask the group to pray for.  Anyone that comes with a personal need for prayer will be prayed for.

Over the years our “Intercessory prayer group” has met at different times and at different places.  In our former building we had a strong commitment from a group that met before the Service began.  About one year ago some ladies who were unemployed began to meet to pray.  The group ended when the Lord answered their prayers and gave them new employment.  We have had prayer meetings that went into the homes of those who were Elderly or shut-ins.  We have also taken our prayer meeting “on the road” and visited the homes of people that extended an invite.

The Community of Vineyard Churches is seeking to help equip the local churches in this ministerial area.  Here is OUR VISION.

“Be honest.  Is your church strong in prayer?  Jesus said his Father’s house will be called a house of prayer.  Most Vineyards are (or certainly want to be) houses of worship, of compassion, of community—all great things, kingdom things.  But again, what did Jesus say?  The church praying and God’s power released are related.  So to be fully what God has designed them to be, our churches must be immersed in prayer, protected by prayer, and empowered through prayer.”