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Hudson Vineyard Church

300 75th St. • North Bergen, NJ 07047   

                                                        CAN WE PRAY FOR YOU?

Why do we pray for people? Do we believe God is able to heal today?  What has He done and what do we believe He wants to do through this activity in our midst?

When we take the time to pray for someone-for the sake of clarity let’s call it PRAYER MINISTRY TIME-we are speaking of the awesome truth that we can invite God’s wise, Healing Presence to pour out on those we care about.

These are simply honest, authentic, holy moments when we choose to welcome Jesus to come close and bring His wisdom and healing and love.

We have seen Him heal the broken hearted; fill the discouraged with His love; and simply pour out His Spirit and His love on dry and thirsty souls.

We have prayed for the physically hurting and have seen backs healed and eyes restored.  We believe that this is the Kingdom of God breaking into our present situations and needs.

We have prayed in the authority of Jesus against demonic strongholds in people’s lives.  We have witnessed His hand of deliverance against these demon bullies.  We have much more to learn regarding this type of ministry.

OUR VISION for this ministry is that we would continue to step out and take faith risks, and be willing to be better equipped to serve the Lord in this way.  

As prayer ministers on Sunday mornings.
Making ourselves available to minister in 1-hour Soaking Prayer sessions.
And anywhere the Lord would want to use us in this way.

GOD WANTS TO USE US in the everyday flow of our lives to bring His powerful presence to someone who really needs to be connected to Him right now.